Saturday, October 4, 2008

US Advantage

So about a year ago, a black man came to my home. He was selling a cleaning product called, US Advantage. He was a pretty funny guy (and when I say funny, I really mean CRAZY) and he SHOWED me that it gets oil, off the drive way. Yeah, Oil! It gets Marker out of clothes and stains off the carpet too! So I had to buy some. I sent him off to Kaci's house, I knew she'd get a kick out of him too! Well, while that story is all cute and everything, I have an even better one...

I was making a mix of my favorite juices. Cranberry and Grape. They were both frozen, and needed to thaw. Thus the reason for setting them on the counter. I told Dallen and Payton, "DO NOT TOUCH THESE. I'M MAKING JUICE, THESE NEED TO THAW. IF YOU TOUCH THEM I WILL BITE YOU!" (not really, but you get the idea.) We've done this before, not usually a problem. Well after about 20 minutes Payton had noticed that the grape juice was already open. Thinking this was a major problem that could off set the time he would receive this good juice, he thought it an emergency, and that I absolutely need to be made aware of the situation at once. He took it upon him self to do the job. He picked that open can of grape juice and brought it to me in the living room.

This was the result:

And THIS, my friends, is After:

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sleepy baby

I love my babies. They sleep so good. Noah is now 10 monthes old. He's has been asleep for almost 2 hours,
in his swing,
in the living room,
by the TV,
that is turned on,
next to payton,
who has been crashing trucks,
and with Dallen home,
running around,
and with me,
talking on the phone.
No one is being quite for this little guy, and yet he sleeps. And he sleeps so good.

I am thankful.

I love that my baby sleeps and I don't have to wisper, tiptoe, or hush my other children.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's gonna EXPLODE!!!

So, when all your kids are playing nice together it's just wonderful. And then they start to get a little bit quiet. And then you hear, "Watch out, It's gonna EXPLODE!" You just have to stop playing the Wii and see what the little buggers are up to.

This is what I found.

They've been out their about an hour or so now. Dallen figured out how to make it explode. He turns it all the way on, then all the way of real fast, then steps on the hose. All the kids get real close to get a good look and then run back and scream as they all get sprayed. Ahh, one day at a time.