Saturday, September 27, 2008

A new red dot!

Yeah! Deanna found me. I'm so happy!

Okay, Blog's are awesome. Now everyone can know everything about anyone without talking on the phone all day long.

Especally people you want to talk to, but you just never call because they are just beyond arms reach.

I love you Deanna.

Kiss your baby for me!!!

Farewell to an old friend

This is my old stapler. We've worked together now for almost 3 years. He has served me well.

We've recovered my dinning room chairs, made shelves, covered boards and made many, many other crafts together.

He's been good to me. He's always been there for me when I've needed him.

In the last few months though, I have outgrown my stapler. Sometimes it's hard to say goodbye, but...

it was time for an upgrade.

This is my new stapler!!! Yeah!!!

It's a Bostitch. A 6.0gal air compressor, 2.0 hp, 135psi and 2.1cfm @ 90psei.

Like I know what any of that means, BUT I'M SO EXCITED!!!

I love my new stapler.

Sooooo, much better than my old one.

It came with 2 other nail guns and a canvas carry bag.

And yeah, this is for me, not for my husband (whom I love dearly and can borrow it anytime he wants too).

Ya! Did I mention, I love my new stapler?

Cuz I do.