Thursday, October 30, 2008


So we went to see THRILLER last night out at Tuachan. It's awesomet. Payton's absolute favorite thing ever. I got the kids excited earlier in the day for it by watching Michael Jackson's Music Video for Thriller. (Yes I own it, me and the kids watch it every Halloween.) And I know it's been ages since all y'all have seen it so look it up on youtube. Here are a few other pics of some zombies from last night! Enjoy.

Noah was on my lap and kept kicking my arms, so sorry some are kinda blurry.

Notice Payton's blinders. He didn't like the zombies up close. Just the ones far away.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The name game

1- my rock star name Elmo MPV
2- my gangsta name Peppermint thongs
3-my native american name Blue tiger
4- my soap opera name Elaine Bountiful
5-my star wars name Goosa
6- my super hero name Pink Sprite
7-my nascar name Warren Everett
8- my stripper name Tommy Girl Skittles
9- my weather anchor name Bostwitch Beijing
10-my spy name Christmas Orchid
11- my cartoon name Nectarine top
12- my hippie name Special K Sequoia

1- first pet / current car
2- fav ice cream / fav shoe
3- fav color / fav animal
4- middle name / city where you were born
5- first 3 letters of your last name + first 2 of your first name
6- 2nd fav color / fav drink
7- first names of your grandfathers
8- fav perfume / fav candy
9- 5th grade teachers last name / major city that starts with the same letter
10- favorite season or holiday / fav flower
11- favorite fruit / and article of clothing your wearing right now.
12- what you ate for breakfast / fav tree