Saturday, November 29, 2008

I am now a fan!

So, I've used this product before. It's never been anything to write home about.
Until now.
I've been stuffed up for the last week.
I didn't want to take anything because I'm pregnant.
And then I thought about an email my Nana sent me that said to put Vick's VapoRub on the bottom of your feet, put some socks on and go to bed.
And so I did.
It took a little bit for it to work, maybe 20 minutes. But I didn't wake up once to blow my nose.
And I didn't even have to blow my nose in the morning either.
And it kept working until about 10 or 11 the next morning.
It was awesome.
When I've used it before, the recomended way, it just drains all the snot and you have to blow your nose forever.
Not this time.
It was just gone, from the inside out.
Plus, It made my feet feel sooo good.


Tosha G said...

i'm glad it owrked and you are filling better

Jess said...

Vicks VapoRub, isn't it great?! I love that stuff. I even have the kids kind so I can use it on my little ones.

Mike and Deb said...

ooo I will have to try that sometime!! By the way cute page!!

Mike and Quel said...

I'll have to try it. That Nana of yours seams like a pretty cool grandma!;) Sorry you couldn't make it for Thanksgiving. You'll have to come over and hang out when we make it for Christmas. I was sad you never came over after Scott's wedding...

glenn said...

I'm going to have to try that. My grandma, which would be Grandma Milda's mother, used to put it on the kids' cheeks right under the eyes when they wouldn't go to sleep. The vapor made them close their eyes and before they knew it they were asleep. I always forgot to try it, but it would be better than drugs to get them to sleep...